Best Small Car Trash Can

by Joost Nusselder | Last Updated:  August 4, 2021
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Long-haul trips may be a term that brings to mind images of comfortable aeroplanes soaring through the air, or of trains cruising along the sun-speckled countryside. But did you know that you can also travel long distances by using your very own car? 

If you are a seasoned traveller, then chances are you have probably partaken in a long-haul road trip once or twice during your lifetime, which means that you also understand the various obstacles you can face when driving for long periods of time.

One of the most common problems faced by long-haul drivers is the number of times you have to stop during your journey, whether that be for the restroom or simply to buy some much-needed snacks. 

Although making sure that you are hydrated and well-fed is an important part of the long-haul experience, it does come with some negative consequences. Over time, you may begin to notice that your car is starting to fill up with the remnants of your spoils, leaving your seats and carpets covered in empty soda bottles and sticky candy wrappers. 

So how can you stop excess amounts of trash from accumulating in your car? Well, the most effective way is by investing in a car trash can, which can be easily installed in your vehicle for the quick and accessible disposal of your garbage. 

Currently, there are hundreds of car trash cans available for online purchase, which can make limiting down your choices a long and stressful task. So if you are looking for a compact trash can to go inside your car, then we have compiled a selection of the three best small car trash cans currently available on the market. 

So why not check them out and see which one catches your eye! 

Best Small Car Trash Can

1. Hotor Car Trash Can (2 Pack)

HOTOR 2 Packs Car Trash Can, Car Trash Cup with 30 Additional Car Trash Bags for Exclusive Using, Multipurpose Trash Can for Car, Office & Home to Meet Various Needs

For the top entry on our list, we have chosen the Hotor car trash can, which is one of the most top-rated products on the car trash can market. This small and strong-bodied garbage can is made from high-quality and durable materials and can be easily installed in your vehicle by using the center console cup holders.

Alternatively, you can also install the trash can via the door cup holders, which are commonly found in vehicles such as cars, trucks, vans, SUVs and boats. Just place the trash can in an accessible location and you will have a handy place to store all of your unwanted rubbish and trash. 

Convenient and easy to use, this mini trash can also comes with a push-button pop open cover, which ensures quick and easy access when driving during long-haul journeys. Simply press the button on the top and you will be able to put away your trash without having to move the lid or take your eyes off the road.

The Hotor car trash can is also completely leak-proof and features an open and smooth design which makes it easier to clean. Moreover, the garbage can also comes complete with 30 sufficient trash can bags, which you can easily remove once they have reached their full capacity. 



HOTOR 2 Packs Car Trash Can, Car Trash Cup with 30 Additional Car Trash Bags for Exclusive Using, Multipurpose Trash Can for Car, Office & Home to Meet Various Needs
  • Applicable for Most Vehicles - This mini car Trash Can can be applied to lots of place in different vehicles, such as center console cup holders and door cup holders in cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, boats and many other vehicles. It can be everywhere and always within your reach to cover your needs.
  • Mini But Strong Body - Hotor vehicle cup holder trash can, a reliable car accessory, is made from ABS Materials, which make every small trash can stronger and more durable. It can be placed in small free space in vehicles as well as home & office. 3.4*3.4*6.4 inch mini body can make good use of free space without wasting! Hotor car trash can is more than a car must have!
  • Easy to Use - Hotor car garbage can features Push-Button Pop Open cover which ensures the convenient using of the item. You could open and close trash can simply by pressing without taking off the cover. Meanwhile, the specific cover also performs faultlessly in preventing trash from falling out of the trash can and unpleasant smell from coming out.
  • Additional Trash Bags - 30 sufficient trash bags coming with the item provide perfect match for the car trash can. These trash bags of premium quality are not prone to tear or break which will never fails you in holding trash. Simply knot the trash bag and take it out when the trash can is full.
  • Convenient to Clean - The wide open design brings not only an easier access for trash to get into the trash can, but also an advantage of convenient cleaning. Moreover, the smooth texture on inner surface saves unnecessary hassles of cleaning process as well. Rest assured to use it and take less efforts to clean it.

2. OUDEW Car Trash Can

OUDEW Car Trash Can with Lid, New Car Dustbin Diamond Design, Leakproof Vehicle Trash Bin, Mini Garbage Bin for Automotive Car, Home, Office, Kitchen, Bedroom, 1PCS (Black)

For the second entry on our list, we have chosen a car trash can designed by the OUDEW company, which is considered a leading manufacturer of compact trash cans for both vehicles and homes.

Probably the perfect product for smaller vehicles with a limited amount of space, this attractive and cutting-edge trash can has been designed to fit into your vehicle’s cupholders, whether they be the ones located in the central console or the ones in the pockets of your vehicle’s doors.

Featuring a slim and handsome design, this trash can also comes with a spring-loaded push lid and is particularly effective when it comes to storing away small amounts of garbage, such as leftover candy wrappers and cigarette butts. 

Made from premium-quality materials, the OUDEW car trash can is also highly durable and promises a top-rated performance, as well as maximum strength and overall longevity.

Sporting a patented diamond shape, the trash can also offers a generous amount of space for your garbage while looking fashionable and at one with your vehicle’s interior.

When the trash can has reached its full capacity, it can be easily removed from your vehicle and emptied into the garbage. If you accidentally throw liquid or gum into the trash can, then you can also easily clean it by using warm and soapy water. 



OUDEW Car Trash Can with Lid, New Car Dustbin Diamond Design, Leakproof Vehicle Trash Bin, Mini Garbage Bin for Automotive Car, Home, Office, Kitchen, Bedroom, 1PCS (Black)
  • Multi-function: The OUDEW garbage can can be fit into cup holder or car door "pocket",door water bottle holder.It can be used in automotive cars,RVs,home, office or when you're camping. Can also be applied to kitchen, living room, bedroom, study, dinning room or bathroom.
  • Convenience: With the easy bounce cover design, you can easily and effortlessly put garbage into the garbage can, because the spring is very flexible.
  • Special Cup Body Design: New diamond cup body design, simple and generous, very fashionable, put in the car or your desk is a beautiful scenery.
  • Environmental Protection Material: Plastic, Mini Trash Can with premium quality materials to provide maximum strength, durability, and longevity.
  • Compact Appearance: It's a tiny but convenient and functional car garbage can (Size: 7.8x 3x 3 inch) which is fashionable, durable and cute.

3. YIOVVOM Car Trash Can

YIOVVOM Car Garbage Can with Lid, Leakproof Vehicle Automotive Cup Holder Car Trash Can , Small Trash Bin for Automotive Office Home Kitchen(Black, 1)

If you are the kind of person who is on the lookout for a compact car trash can, then we have the perfect product for you. This car trash can by YIOVVOM is very similar to the other car trash cans we have previously discussed, as it is capable of being installed via your vehicle’s cupholders and features a slim and versatile design.

However, where the YIOVVOM stands out is its availability in a range of vibrant colors. Currently, the car trash can is purchasable in shades of yellow, red, blue, black and grey, which can help give the interior of your car an added touch of vibrancy.

The trash can also features an easy bounce cover design, which means you can store away your garbage with ease. Just place the trash can in an accessible location in your vehicle and you will be able to dispose of your trash without any effort or concern. 

Made from one hundred percent new plastic, the YIOVVOM car trash can promises a strong and durable performance, as well as a long and damage-free life. Sporting a slim and attractive design, the trash can’s colored lid can be easily removed once the product has reached its full capacity, making the emptying process easier and more efficient.

If the trash can is stained or smelly, then you can also wash it using warm water without causing any lasting damage or deterioration. Ideal for small garbage bags, the trash provides a decent amount of room to stash away your litter and can make keeping your car clean a fast and simple process. 



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