Car Trash Can With Lid

by Joost Nusselder | Last Updated:  November 9, 2021
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There’s nothing more frustrating than a rubbish filled car, but it’s easy for this to happen as everything comes in packaging and during a busy day rubbish can quickly build up!

After a long week many people will find the thought of tidying up their car a daunting and tiresome task, and there can be a variety of rubbish from packaging to leftover food and drinks which can get gross pretty quickly and potentially make your car smell very bad as well as look uninviting to passengers.

Whether you’re driving to work, ferrying around your family or working as a taxi driver, a clean car is the best way to make your journey more enjoyable for yourself and your passengers and one of the best ways to do this is to use a car trash can that can contain rubbish and mess.

Naturally, a trash can that is designed to be used in a car is the best choice as it will be able to fit into the tight spaces of a car and will often have key design features to maximise the efficiency of the trash can.

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A trash can with a lid is a great choice to prevent smells from leaking out of the trash and making the car a much more pleasant place to be.

In this guide we’re going to look at some of the best car trash cans available to help you find the perfect one for you and your needs.

We’ve also included a small buyers guide to help answer any questions you have about using and buying a car trash can, and to help you make an informed decision about the product you choose.

But let’s take a look at the trash cans themselves.

Car Trash Can With Lid Reviews

Epauto Waterproof Car Trash Can

EPAuto Waterproof Car Trash Can with Lid and Storage Pockets, Black

This option from epauto is a great option with some superb features at a very good price. This trash can has a 2 liter capacity which is a lot of space for all kinds of trash, and the lid is elastic which allows you to easily use the bin and keep your rubbish secure.

There is a lot of storage on the outside of the bin too with nets to store packaging, cleaning wipes and other useful items to help keep your car clean and tidy.

This bin is also very convenient as it can be positioned in a variety of places using the strap system. 

This trash can is also waterproof and comes with some additional included trash bags that can help keep your trash can safe from spillages and make it easier to dispose of waste when it’s full of trash.

The trash can comes in a range of colors to suit all vehicles making this the perfect choice for any car.



EPAuto Waterproof Car Trash Can with Lid and Storage Pockets, Black
  • 2.0 Gallon Capacity Big Trash Bin to Maintain Your Vehicle Clean, Organized, Free of Trash. 10 pieces trash bags included
  • Built-in Waterproof Interior with Good Structure to keep the Bin Away from Collapse.
  • Lid with Elastic Opening to Remain Trash Out of Sight While Keeping Acess the Bin Easily
  • Fasteners on Lid Staying Lid Close and Easily to Open. Fasteners on the Bottom to Avoid Bin Moving Around while Driving
  • Size: 10.5" x 8.25" x 6.75" with Adjustable Buckle 13.5" ~ 24"

Ryhpez Car Trash Can with Lid

Ryhpez Car Trash Can with Lid - Car Trash Bag Hanging with Storage Pockets Collapsible and Portable Car Garbage Bin

This trash can from Ryhpez is a very similar option to the epauto option however the lid on this trash can closes more fully allowing you to keep your trash even more controlled.

Again there is good storage on the exterior of the bin for additional cleaning supplies.

The bin is large with a 4.5 liter capacity for trash, which is more than ample, and the elastic strap allows it to be positioned anywhere making it very flexible.

It also comes in a few other sizes for use in larger or smaller vehicles, allowing to to maximize the space you have to store trash helping keep your car cleaner for longer.

The waterproof liner inside helps prevent spillages and liquid inside the trash can from spreading which means you don’t need to worry about stains and smells spreading from the bin.

Overall this is a great choice and works well.



Ryhpez Car Trash Can with Lid - Car Trash Bag Hanging with Storage Pockets Collapsible and Portable Car Garbage Bin
  • Compact size and Foldable: It measures 6.3" L x 9.5"H x 6.3"W. Our car garbage bag has 1.75 Gallon/6.5L capacity, The length of adjustable strap is 8 to 43 centimeters. When not in use, you can flatten this car trash bag and place it between the seats/ in the pocket of the car door/ Car Boot.
  • Cover Storage For Car Garbage: This car accessories has adjustable strap and elastic strap. These attachments allow you to hang it for the front or back seats. The easy elastic strap guarantees no spills, and lets the bag stay in place.
  • Keep Your Vehicle Clean and Tidy: This car garbage can comes with rubber opening lid and hoop&loop seal, which is closeable and soft that you can load tissues, fruit skin, bottles without lifting the lid even conceal waste.
  • Space Saving Car Organizer: Two extra sides mesh pockets and front fabric pocket are perfect design that can be used to storage anything. Put a disposable bag inside and use two adjustable side clips to hold onto the handles of plastic bags, just remove and replace it when it got full.
  • Multi-Function Design: There is a waterproof lining inside the car trash bin which is durable and leak-proof, easy to clean and wipes out easily, doesn't take up too much room but it 's foldable and portable for traveling. You can use it as a car garbage bag, car storage bag, Put an umbrella, drinks and as well as a travel cooler that can keep drink and snacks cold for a long time.

Car Trash Can With Lid

OUDEW Car Trash Can with Lid New Car Dustbin Diamond Design, Leakproof Vehicle Trash Bin, Mini Garbage Bin for Automotive Car, Home, Office, Kitchen, Bedroom, 2PCS (Black)

This option from Oudew is an interesting choice that offers something different to the trash cans we’ve seen this far.

These are a multi-function bin that can fit into various areas of your car such as the cup holder or door pocket, and the rigid plastic design makes this a much more durable option compared to some other designs.

However this option isn’t as stable or portable as other designs and requires a good amount of space to be used properly.

They are very waterproof however and the lid helps keep things secure and prevents smells and trash from spilling out of the trash can.



OUDEW Car Trash Can with Lid New Car Dustbin Diamond Design, Leakproof Vehicle Trash Bin, Mini Garbage Bin for Automotive Car, Home, Office, Kitchen, Bedroom, 2PCS (Black)
  • Multi-function: The OUDEW garbage can can be fit into cup holder or car door "pocket",door water bottle holder.It can be used in automotive cars,RVs,home, office or when you're camping. Can also be applied to kitchen, living room, bedroom, study, dinning room or bathroom.
  • Convenience: With the easy bounce cover design, you can easily and effortlessly put garbage into the garbage can, because the spring is very flexible.
  • Special Cup Body Design: New diamond cup body design, simple and generous, very fashionable, put in the car or your desk is a beautiful scenery.
  • Environmental Protection Material: Plastic, Mini Trash Can with premium quality materials to provide maximum strength, durability, and longevity.
  • Compact Appearance: It's a tiny but convenient and functional car garbage can (Size: 7.8x 3x 3 inch) which is fashionable, durable and cute.

HOTOR 2 Packs Car Trash Can

HOTOR 2 Packs Car Trash Can, Car Trash Cup with 30 Additional Car Trash Bags for Exclusive Using, Multipurpose Trash Can for Car, Office & Home to Meet Various Needs

Another rigid option that is durable and sturdy is this option from HOTOR which comes with two trash cans perfect for using in cup holders and door holders. 

This plastic trash can has a push and lock lid which is very good and keeps everything secure and prevents smells from spreading or trash from falling out of the bin.

It is waterproof and also comes with 30 free trash bags included making it easy to remove trash quickly. The plastic of this bin is also easy to clean meaning this bin is long lasting and durable, a great option for a permanent car bin.



HOTOR 2 Packs Car Trash Can, Car Trash Cup with 30 Additional Car Trash Bags for Exclusive Using, Multipurpose Trash Can for Car, Office & Home to Meet Various Needs
  • Applicable for Most Vehicles - This mini car Trash Can can be applied to lots of place in different vehicles, such as center console cup holders and door cup holders in cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, boats and many other vehicles. It can be everywhere and always within your reach to cover your needs.
  • Mini But Strong Body - Hotor vehicle cup holder trash can, a reliable car accessory, is made from ABS Materials, which make every small trash can stronger and more durable. It can be placed in small free space in vehicles as well as home & office. 3.4*3.4*6.4 inch mini body can make good use of free space without wasting! Hotor car trash can is more than a car must have!
  • Easy to Use - Hotor car garbage can features Push-Button Pop Open cover which ensures the convenient using of the item. You could open and close trash can simply by pressing without taking off the cover. Meanwhile, the specific cover also performs faultlessly in preventing trash from falling out of the trash can and unpleasant smell from coming out.
  • Additional Trash Bags - 30 sufficient trash bags coming with the item provide perfect match for the car trash can. These trash bags of premium quality are not prone to tear or break which will never fails you in holding trash. Simply knot the trash bag and take it out when the trash can is full.
  • Convenient to Clean - The wide open design brings not only an easier access for trash to get into the trash can, but also an advantage of convenient cleaning. Moreover, the smooth texture on inner surface saves unnecessary hassles of cleaning process as well. Rest assured to use it and take less efforts to clean it.

Car Trash Can

Car Trash Can, Mini Car Accessories with Lid and Trash Bag, Cute Car Organizer Bin, Small Garbage Can for Storage and Organization (6.3x3.3x5.5IN) (Black Trash can) (Black)

Another great trash can with a good lid is this option from Renzhichu and there are several highlights from this final offering.

This option can fit into your car easily due to its well designed size, and the handy clip on the rear allowing it to be attached to various points of your car keeping the bin stable and preventing it from falling and spilling trash everywhere.

The lid works well and the trash can is waterproof for easy cleaning and maintenance, and the included trash bag works well for easy disposal of your rubbish.



Car Trash Can, Mini Car Accessories with Lid and Trash Bag, Cute Car Organizer Bin, Small Garbage Can for Storage and Organization (6.3x3.3x5.5IN) (Black Trash can) (Black)
  • 【Space-Saving Hanging Treasure】If you are looking for a small car trash can for your car but didn't want too bulky, cheap or ugly. You may wish to choose this cute mini car accessory, ​even if you hang it on the side door of the car, it will not block the door, let alone hinder your activities.
  • 【Stay Organized】The large-opening car seat organizer is convenient for placing tissue paper, fruit peels and other rubbish. This trash bin also be used as a storage box for umbrellas, drinks and other small objects. It can also be used as an ashtray.
  • 【Ergonomic Design】With the easy bounce cover and fully enclosed waterproof design, Ensure the trash can sealed well to avoid unpleasant odors from escaping into the car. Car garbage can bin maintains your vehicle clean.
  • 【Excellent Compatibility】Car gifts to meet those who need a neat and organized car interior, it is very suitable for all types of cars, including cars, SUVs, trucks, etc.
  • 【Customer First】The package contains: 1x high quality car trash can, 1x durable garbage bags. If you have any questions, please contact us, we will answer you within 24 hours.

Car Trash Can With Lid Buyer’s Guide

In this buyers guide we’re going to look at some of the key things to keep in mind when looking for a car trash can to enable you to find one that’s perfect for your car.

Although they seem simple, there are a range of features to look out for in a good trash can so we’re going to look at some of these below.


The size of your trash can is really important to allow you to store enough rubbish and prevent you from quickly filling up your car with rubbish.

There are many different shapes and sizes to choose from, and some are small enough to fit into your cup holder, while others are much larger and can be strapped to your headrest or collapsed down and stowed away when not in use.

This flexibility is great for use in all kinds of scenarios from family road trips to taxi services, and can go a long way to keeping your car organised.


Good quality straps and clips are the best way to keep car trash cans secure and prevent rubbish from spilling while driving, but some options instead use cupholders and other pockets included in the car and aren’t as secure.

Regardless, a good quality strap or clip system is a great bonus that increases the versatility of your bin immensely.


Waterproof bins are essential for keeping smells, juices and liquids from escaping and causing your car to smell.

Some smells can be awful and seep through trash bags and material bins, so a good waterproof liner or plastic bin is essential for preventing this and keeping your car clean and pleasant.


Portability is a key aspect of a good car trash can, as you’ll need to be able to easily store it, empty it and move it around in the cramped and limited space of a car.

Being able to stow your bin when it’s not in use can help save space, and being able to move it around the car easily or carry it away makes it much easier to keep your car clean and empty the trash can.

Portability also allows you to use it for picnics and other useful activities adding value to your purchase and making your bin even more useful.

Final Thoughts

Overall there are a ton of great options for trash cans with lids, allowing you to keep your car clean and tidy and prevent spillages and smells from ruining your car, but make sure you are getting a bin with ample size and good features such as waterproofing to ensure you get good value.

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